Find a REALTOR® in Big Sky

Sellers are able to go direct to the Broker at House of Bozeman Realty to sell your Big Sky, Montana home.

First, we ask about your timeline to sell your home and get some information about your property. Second we work to complete a Broker Opinion of Value to help you determine an appropriate listing price. The best listing price is of course the highest price someone is willing to pay. Next, we schedule an appointment to meet you and take a tour of your home and we can adjust the Broker Opinion of Value based on the condition and finishes of your home. We discuss our proven methods for selling houses and once you are ready then we go to work. House of Bozeman Realty pays for all of the advertising to promote your home.  We place your home on the MLS and we provide you with a feedback report.

Once we receive an offer or multiple offers then we meet with you to discuss the options with you. Our goal is to get your home sold while providing the highest level of service. We will be there working for you from our initial meeting to the closing of your home.

We look forward to working with you! To get started please give House of Bozeman Realty a call at (406) 551-1074

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