Common Seller Mistakes

1. A lot of home owners make the mistake of trying to price their home too high. The number 1 priority is to price your home correctly from the very beginning.

There are a lot of problems with pricing your home too high. First, you probably won’t get as many potential buyers looking at your home. Second, other houses priced correctly that are similar in size, age, finishes, condition and location to your house will usually sell first. Third, at a higher price range you will now have to compete with newer, larger houses that may have more amenities than your home. Lastly, as your home sits on the market day after day it can scare away qualified potential buyers because they think something is wrong with your home.

Pricing your home correctly from the very beginning is very important to maximize your selling opportunity. So what is the right price? Many factors determine your home’s asking price. To find your home’s perfect selling price, contact us to complete a Broker Opinion of Value. We research actual sales data from the local MLS and see what similar homes are currently selling for based on their sold price at closing. We use this information along with adjusting for size, age, finishes, amenities, condition and lot size to assist in our listing price recommendation. You will see in our Broker Opinion of Value the rationale behind the listing price recommendation. Taking the guesswork out can save you both time and money.

If you price your home too low you can lose thousands of dollars. By looking at a current Broker Opinion of Value you will see the current market rates and can avoid listing too low. You will have many buyers looking but the lost proceeds does not make sense. Price your home right the first time so you save both time and money.

2. Poor condition of home

Before listing your home do the repairs that are needed to make your home in great show condition. Also, potential home buyers may not be able to get financing on your home if you have a bad roof or structural problems. Those are not small items but in order to sell the home you may need to budget and fix those items. See seller tips for more info.

3. Don’t go overboard with improvements

It is important to get your home in great show condition but just don’t go overboard with improvements. For example, remodeling your kitchen might not pay back your investment.

4. Don’t let offers sit around without acting

You want to act while a buyer’s interest and excitement level is the highest. Make a rationale decision about an offer and then act upon it.

5. Do not be there during open houses or showings

Take your entire family and pets away during open houses and showings. You want buyers to relax and spend time looking at your home and if the owner is present it can be very distracting.

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